Coaching Sessions With
Dmitry Lipinskiy

Expert Coaching Zoom Call

Ready to take your brand to the next level? Over the years, Lipinskiy has elevated many roofing companies through his consulting services. Find out how he can do the same for your business.


  • One hour zoom meeting with Dmitry
  • Best practice tips that your business can implement
  • Advice specifically designed for your company’s revenue and market
  • Industry-proven insights to help you achieve results

Real Results

You can’t fake success.

Lipinskiy is the founder and host of Roofing Insights, a YouTube channel that has over 40,000 subscribers and 5 million views.

He has started and sold both a roofing and a flooring business. His former company, Storm Group Roofing, still has over 100 Google reviews.

Lipinskiy is also the founder of Directorii, the only homeowner-contractor connection platform that backs up every job registered through their website with a $20,000 guarantee.

Plus, he created the Roofing Business School in 2019, and the enrollment already includes hundreds of contractors.

Lastly, Lipinskiy is the founder of the Roofing Process Conference, an annual event that brings over 1,000 contractors from around the country to Orlando, Florida each December.